Seasonal Self Care


It can be a little bit crazy in the lead up to Christmas; rushing around ensuring you have got the shopping sorted, whether that be groceries or presents, most likely both! Perhaps you also have a list of social activities to attend, lucky you if this is the case?

At the beginning of each week, or even better on a Sunday evening look in your diary and see where you can schedule time for yourself and actually block this time out.


What you choose to do in this slot is entirely up to you and can be anything from a 5 minute meditation to a one-hour massage, the choice is yours. At the moment, I am loving buying essential oils or scented candles which give a festive fragrance to the house as well as a calming flame to read a book or magazine by, I have also got back into a regular meditation practice.

I’ve learnt about these fabulous Mindful Doodles and Meditation workshops recently and can’t wait to attend one in 2018.


If you can get into these good habits now, you will be ahead of the game in the New Year when everyone is busy making and subsequently failing with their resolutions!

Please follow my Facebook page (click on the picture below) where I will be offering some advice in my 12 days of wellness campaign starting Wednesday 13th December.

Emma Fitness




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