Black Friday? No, a colourful 2018!


Today is Black Friday when it all goes a bit crazy as people try to get a good deal in time for Christmas; unfortunately it doesn’t always show the human race at it’s best. I still remember a news item from a couple of years ago where people were literally climbing over each other to purchase a television which they probably didn’t even need, they were also being rude and abusive to members of the shop staff.

A good deal for me isn’t about money, although I have to be honest it is nice to get something cheaper, but more important than that is the service that you receive and the overall experience. At the moment I am planning how I want 2018 to look and these are my thoughts so far:

  • Regular Kegels and Cake workshops throughout the year to introduce ladies to core and pelvic floor function
  • Collaborating with a local life/business coach to run workshops and possibly launch an online programme
  • Revisit and tweak my 21 Day Happy Hormone Challenge
  • Introduce programmes for Optimal Health post Hysterectomy and Breast Cancer Recovery
  • Rebrand myself
  • Hold Retreats throughout the year for frazzled women

I will look deeply into each of these to ensure that not only are expectations met but also exceeded, if someone walks out of a session or event with me with their head held high and a smile on their face that my work has been successful and I can walk out in a similar stance.

Have an awesome week.






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