5 ladies at a castle…


Whenever we return from a camping trip, whether it be four nights or fourteen nights, I always feel that I am starting back again from a place of calm – and it feels great!

I realise that camping is not the holiday choice for everyone but I absolutely love it. Having no access to wi-fi and no television means that we all completely switch off and can just get back to basics; talking, spending time together, as well as just simply sitting and looking at the views.

I immediately notice my mood improve as I’m not trying to do 2-3 things at once and I easily settle into the pace of life that camping dictates.

Can this be replicated into normal daily life on returning home?

Yes, which is why I have teamed up with Donna and Claire of DC Training Solutions to create and now subsequently launch a one-day retreat at the beautiful Westenhanger Castle.


This one day retreat will allow you some time to STOP from your crazy life, allowing you to try some new experiences from one of our many workshops, meditations or treat yourself to a beautiful treatment. Just allow yourself some free time, take a walk within the grounds or just enjoy the impressive castle itself in one of the magnificent historical rooms with a roaring fire, while sitting back listening to some relaxing music which will be piped throughout the castle and grounds. Then enjoy your high tea which is included in the price.

The perfect way to spend a chilly November day before the madness of Christmas starts……

We look forward to seeing you there.



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