Are you happy?


In 2014, at 40 years of age and a mother of 2 children (one child born just months before the Commonwealth Games), Jo Pavey had one of her most successful seasons ever – Bronze in the 5000m in Glasgow, then days later Gold in the European Championships 10,000m.

She attributed much of her success to how happy she felt in her life at that time.

I am a great believer in how a positive attitude can have a huge effect on the rest of your life, and help you to achieve your chosen goals whether that be career, sport or family.

Most of us aren’t wanting to achieve greatness on the world sporting stage but may want to feel fitter, stronger or healthier.

The happier we are in our life the more likely it is that we will achieve these goals. If life isn’t great at this point in time, focus on self-care such as yoga or meditation and I have no doubt that you can get back on track once things are on a more even keel again.

Have a good week and I hope that it is a happy one!




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