Healthy Living Vision


As the sun was setting for the last time in 2016, I was eager for the arrival of 2017 to put my renewed business plan and focus into action.

I purchased this fab planner (of which I am an affiliate) this has not only helped me by having a plan to follow but also the need to stick to it by reviewing my progress and figures on a weekly basis. I am already starting to notice moves in the right direction by people engaging on my social media platforms and signing up to the various courses and classes that I offer.

Did you start the New Year with a healthy living plan, whether that be eating, exercise or both? Have you written down your targets for the first few months and further broken these down into manageable chunks? If you have, are you then recording your achievements at the end of each week to keep you on track and push you nearer to your end goal?

Remember if you fail to plan you plan to fail!

If you haven’t yet created your healthy living vision, why not put some time aside this week to spend some time by yourself and dream big?

Make 2017 your year to shine!



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