Fit, Healthy and Focused in 2017!


“On waking, spend some moments becoming aware of your body, listening to the sounds around you and noticing what thoughts are in your mind”

There is a recurring theme here, as with last year, my message in 2017 will remain the same: ensuring self-care and taking time out to improve your emotional well-being. I’m talking minutes not hour’s, therefore avoiding the “haven’t got time” excuse.

I am getting back into the meditation habit again, although since 7th December, the most I have managed in a row is 3 days, I have got a great app on my phone with a variety of options from guided meditations to breathing exercises and a choice of times available.

Meditations are always a big favourite in Holistic Core Restore® , how often do we put time aside for this important activity?

In addition to our mental health it is also important to ensure we are making an effort to increase our daily activity levels, subsequently improving our physical health.

All to often we start the year with good intentions but frequently the targets we set are well out of our reach, leaving a feeling of disappointment and failure.

Be realistic about what you can really fit into your week and tell the world so that they can support you.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017!




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