One year ago today and inspired by Tony Phillips I set myself a challenge of  running at least 1 mile every day. Over the course of the year the majority have all been runs but there has been the occasional walk, cycle ride and scoot thrown in. I tend to exercise in the morning and I must admit sometimes my alarm goes off and I could quite easily turn over and go back to sleep again (occasionally I even do), but a motto that I live by is:

“Something is always better than nothing”

I was never able to use the excuse that I didn’t have the time as 1 mile takes me between 9-10 minutes and even if it was on a day that I chose not to run a slight detour on the walk back from school would easily equate to a mile.

I’m looking forward to starting my next Emma’s Joggers (0-20 minutes) course in January and hopefully inspiring another group on their running journey.

During any of my courses or sessions, the most important factor for me is that you enjoy yourself and just do the very best you can, there is no pressure to achieve certain times or enter events, however if this is your motivation I will support you all the way.

Are you always envious when you see people out running and wish that you could do the same but not sure where to start? Perhaps 2017 is the year for you to start!!

I’ll leave you with this thought:

When I woke this morning, I remembered why I wanted to be a runner…..

Do you remember the feeling, as a child, when you just opened the front door and went out to play? Running was effortless and the freedom associated with it was completely taken for granted. I want to feel that free and exhilarated, so 5K is the SMART goal, but the soul craves a different kind of goal!

I love this, it was beautifully written by a lady who attended one of my running groups.

My next course starts on Sunday 8th January at 9:15am in Maidstone, will you be joining me?




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