Planning, planning and more planning.


I’ve had my head down and been busy planning  and networking for 2017, so much so I realised today that I haven’t written a blog for two weeks, I’ve already written a reminder in my diary for next week though, so hopefully that won’t happen again.

We are coming up to the time of year where best laid plans and good intentions go out the window, will you be able to make some actions during December that have a positive effect on your health rather than negative? Here are a few suggestions below, but I would love to hear your thoughts if you can think of any more.

  • Can you drive to the office party, saving you money and a hangover?
  • Can you walk into town to do your Christmas shopping; burning off some calories and avoiding the stress of finding a car parking space?
  • Set yourself a challenge of exercising everyday during Advent, just 10 minutes is fine if that is all the time you can spare. Something is always better than nothing.
  • Nothing nicer on a crisp winter’s day than wrapping up warm and going out for a brisk walk.
  • Make plans (and write them down) for how you are going to improve your health during 2017. Do you need to clean up your diet or get out exercising on a more regular basis?

Take some time out of the madness and focus…






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