The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart ~ Elisabeth Foley

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is the friendships that are created and sustained for many years by people attending my classes.

I started my buggy workouts in 2007, to this day a group of mum’s from one of my very first classes are still meeting up regularly, play dates with the children are long gone but child-free evenings out have now replaced them. I would never have envisaged this before I started out in my business.

I have exciting plans to be revealed soon for my running groups and an online version of the Vitality Club – (The 21 Day Happy Hormone Challenge), needless to say community remains a strong thread through all of my offerings.

If you enjoy spending time with friends, and are exercising at the same time, is this not a win-win situation? Whether you are trying to achieve specific fitness goals or adopt a healthier eating regime, it is so much easier with the support of one or more of your peers.

I have also experienced this myself. For many years I was a sprinter at Ashford Athletics Club, the friends that I met there remain an important part of my life today. We can spend months if not years apart, but when we re-unite, that time apart is completely insignificant.

Sadly we lost one of our team members in December 2011, and another in September 2013, both way too young. The only positive that can be taken from these tragic events though is the strength, support and true friendship we have been able to offer each other.

When you next start a new exercise class, think not only of the huge benefits to your health, but also the potential of making a lifelong friend.



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