Do you listen to your own advice?


I have discovered that I am indeed very bad at listening to my own advice. Frequently in my classes, but particularly in Holistic Core Restore®, I am reminding my ladies to ensure they are practicing self-care to ensure their stress levels are kept to a minimum and life is in balance.

Last week culminated in a meltdown for me; following three emotionally challenging weeks. I spoke to friends, family and colleagues and now have a self-care strategy in place:

  • A Friday evening bath with Epsom Salts and essential oils
  • Keeping a journal in the morning of intentions for the day ahead
  • Keeping a gratefulness journal in the evening
  • Regular friend dates (at least one per week)
  • Regular dates with nature (walks, runs and cycle rides)
  • One FULL day off per week

From this day forward my cup will always be full!

That is my mind sorted but as the day progressed on Monday, my throat was aching as were my joints and muscles. My treatment for this was a eucalyptus bath, early night, superfood smoothie for breakfast and reduced hours on Tuesday. I am pleased to say that whatever was lingering disappeared as quick as it has appeared and today has seen me go out for a run at 6:30am as well as practice some yoga.

All is good!

I hope that you are happy and healthy.





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