I love Autumn.


It’s a wet and miserable day here in Kent, but there is so much to enjoy and appreciate about Autumn.

I love putting on some warm clothes, not forgetting my wellingtons and going for a walk in the woods, the children will always find something to amuse them and there is so much fun that can be had with the humble stick! Nature, for me is a great healer, whatever the weather.

What can possibly be nicer following an afternoon out in the country than returning home to the smell of something delicious in the slow cooker, minimal effort with maximum results – a hearty, healthy and nutritious meal? Unfortunately there is no nature walk today, but I do have the aroma of a lamb curry already filling the kitchen.

As well as Autumn, I love a bargain! With working two evenings a week, it means that I can pop into Tesco on my way home and take advantage of their reductions, this week my lucky buy was the humble turnip which has already been put to use in the curry as well as a roasted vegetable soup, I also added squash, sweet potato, garlic and onion, the second portion awaits me in the fridge for my lunch today.

I would love to hear what you enjoy about the Autumn, why not share you favourite seasonal recipe with us?




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