Do you ask for help?


Sometimes we try to do everything and then get stressed and anxious when we don’t achieve the goals and targets that have been set.

  • Were the goals realistic?
  • Did you surround yourself with a supportive network?

The last couple of weeks have been mentally draining, not sure why, but I seem to have these little blips periodically. I am a perfect candidate for my Vitality Club, should listen to some of my own advice and practice what  I preach. As soon as I reached out to friends and family everything was instantly improved and the sun shone where previously there had been clouds!

Are you being too hard on yourself with the expectations of your exercise routine which is actually resulting in you doing absolutely no exercise at all or not making the progress that you would like?

Our bodies are very good at telling us when we are either doing too much or perhaps too little. I would always rather that my clients do something as something is ALWAYS better than nothing!

At the start of the week, set yourself a challenge for the minimum that you would like to achieve; doesn’t matter what it is just as long as you are moving, if at the end of the week you have over-achieved imagine the feeling of satisfaction and pride.

Of course as the title of this blog suggests, perhaps sometimes you need to ask for help to work out how exercise can feature more prominently in your weekly routine.

Good luck.




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