Go with YOUR flow!


As continued research into how I can best serve my Vitality Club clients I have been following the Hormone Reset diet (I know I have mentioned this in previous blogs), but this last week I have found it increasingly more difficult to follow not helped by a low mood and achy back. For the time being at least I have decided to stop and continue with my “normal” eating. I’m not going to beat myself up about this, I have actually learnt quite a lot and will carry this forward with me:

  • I don’t need to add fruit to my morning juices, I can find some very palatable combinations by experimenting with different vegetables. My favourite so far has been avocado (great for essential fats), beetroot (full of antioxidants), cucumber, spinach and broccoli (full of iron and calcium).
  • I have not missed the exclusion of meat from my diet and think it is important that I continue to limit it to enable my oestrogen to get back into balance.
  • Sugar – this is a biggie and where I need to concentrate my efforts on. If found it too restrictive to cut out everything as I enjoy a Nakd bar or my homemade Amazeballs, but these were all off-limits. I am enjoying looking for sweet treat recipes which are made from totally natural products – not a refined sugar in sight! Get in touch if you have a personal favourite to share!

It would be easy to fall into a trap of feeling a failure but who benefits from that, the important thing is to reset, reconnect and refocus!

This is also true for exercise, maybe you have completed the couch to 5k but your trainers have remained in the shoe cupboard ever since or you’ve still not got back to your regular exercise class since the summer holidays have ended? It doesn’t matter, just brush yourself down and get back out there again! The most important thing is that you do something and you enjoy the journey along the way.

Find your flow and go with it!!



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