I have had a lovely summer break with a good balance of work but lots of family time as well.

We spent a week in Croyde recharging our batteries and I must admit have struggled to get back into the routine since returning. I think I left my head down there!

During our stay I was able to think about my business and open my mind to changes that can be implemented to ensure I am utilizing by time and knowledge effectively. You may have had a similar experience in relation to your health and well-being, if so I am here to help!

I have continued to exercise throughout, mainly with my early morning runs, but we have also been on 2 bike rides and lots of walks. If you read my blogs regularly you will know that I always say; it doesn’t matter what exercise you do the most important thing is that you keep moving!

I also have plans which will be revealed in good time for my own fitness goals over the next year, it’s time for some new challenges, or perhaps to revisit old ones – watch this space!

In a small way I am looking forward to the children going back to school next week as I think a little bit of routine is good for us all, particularly with regards to exercising and healthy eating, I for one have let things slip a bit in the food department, but all is good and we will get back on track in September.

Onwards and upwards, be sure to write down your goals for the final few months of 2016 and feel free to share them with me.





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