Peace of mind, tranquility and time….


We have just returned from a fabulous few days of camping at Nethergong which is near Canterbury in Kent. I know the thought of spending time (on holiday) in a tent will be some people’s worst nightmare but I absolutely love it and after an emotionally challenging time the previous week it was just what I needed.

You are forced to go slow and get back to nature – I barely looked at my phone the whole time we were away and sitting watching a campfire can involve a whole evening’s work!


You have to walk (lots), there is no en suite in our tent and if we want to eat washing up is a must, but I enjoyed these strolls where I could hear the birds sing and admire the nature all around us.

We weren’t blessed with great weather but even that didn’t dampen our spirits as the tent didn’t leak and we had great days out in Canterbury and visiting Walmer Castle (the children loved the interactive experience of trying to solve clues in each room).


The tyre swings were a highlight and a great meeting place for their new friends (I am always amazed at how quickly children will migrate to other children and just “get on” with no other complications or issues).

Now we have returned to normal life, how can I re-create at least part of this experience for a more peaceful life?

  1. Stay off my phone and definitely stop scrolling through Facebook. Life is happening now, in front of our very eyes not on a phone or computer screen.
  2. Get outside as much as possible. I’m already quite good at this, particularly as a lot of my job is outdoors but I know we can do more.
  3. Play more games – we had a new-found love for Cluedo while we were away!
  4. Try to limit the constraints that we put on our a children. My daughter mentioned to me this morning how much she enjoyed the freedom she experienced in these few days.

I can’t wait for our next trip away, which is planned for August, but I’m hoping we can fit in another one before then to recharge the batteries!

Enjoy your weekend.



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