I am grateful

I am grateful

Upon waking up there is so much to be grateful for:

  • The sun is shining and as I am typing this I am looking out to the garden where the birds are also merrily starting their day
  • Food in the cupboard ready for me to make my nutritious juice for breakfast (broccoli, spinach, cashews, grapes and banana)
  • A day out with my daughter; I am volunteering on her school trip today
  • The variety of clients that I am working with at the moment and the regular enquiries that I am receiving.
  • The realisation that where I am now, professionally, is where I want to be, although still with the desire to learn so that I am the very best I can be in my chosen field.
  • Sharing my life, both professionally and personally with amazing people who continue to be a great sharing and support network  – I just have to ask!!
  • A roof over my head!
  • 2 children that are happy and healthy; others aren’t so lucky which is why I am organising events like this Virtual Run.
  • My evening will end with some self-care (stretching and meditation).

I’d love to hear what you are grateful for today…..

Have a great week.



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