Sowing the seeds of fitness



After I pick the children up from school today, we are planning on heading to the garden centre so that we can buy all the items we need to make our pizza garden.

In my mind there are many similarities between gardening and fitness. The sowing of the seed, and the hard work in the first few weeks will bring about a great harvest in summer.

The same is true of exercise, getting the correct programme for your needs and then continuing regularly week after week will ensure your goals are achieved in time for your summer holidays.

If you enjoy the outdoors, the lighter evenings add more available time in your day to go for a walk, run or cycle ride, or perhaps even a spot of yoga in the back garden.

From the various stage of seed through to seedling through to plant and eventually one which is ready for harvest can be likened to you achieving the individual steps to reach your ultimate goal, which may be to improve fitness or strength, perhaps lose weight or inches from you waist. If we continue with the seed analogy, good nutrition and plenty of water are essential to keep strong and healthy as well as small amounts of sunshine.

No time like the present, make a plan and “Spring into Shape for Summer”.

If the sun is shining where you are today, enjoy!

Here’s to a happy and healthy week!



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