Has your fitness journey started?


I watched the Eddie Izzard programme  on Monday evening and was amazed at just how much he put himself through to complete a staggering 27 marathons in 27 days (707 miles in total, where the temperatures were in excess of 40 degrees). Of course, he didn’t do this alone; in the background were a team of people ensuring he was fed, watered, recovered and fit to go on for another day, and another, and another……

I can’t imagine how he felt on waking each morning, sometimes it’s an effort for me to go out and do my #amileaday run, but to be faced with the prospect of a marathon day after day is mind-blowing.

Most of us will never take on any sort of challenge at this level, but whenever we are starting our own fitness journey it is always a good idea to ensure there is a network of people around us who can support us in our goals, this may be friends who we exercise with or partners who push us out the door!

Good nutrition is also a must whatever stage of life we are at, it is an excellent time to become aware of what foods really serve us well and provide the energy required for any extra activity.

Self-care should also feature highly on your daily regime as well, I’ve recently discovered Epsom Salt baths and with the addition of some luxurious smellies makes for a truly relaxing experience, give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Have a great week!





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