Thank goodness for March


I have to be honest, February has been a tough month emotionally so it is nice to finally be in March with the promise of Spring just around the corner.

My Vitality plan continues; last week I assessed my food/lifestyle diary  where the results revealed that I should increase my intake of organic foods (which I have done) but I still need to ensure that I meditate on a regular basis; just 5 mins a day is enough to keep the mind in a good place (I know this because it is what I am always telling my clients) and add a good source of protein powder to my morning juice. Working progress…

I was so pleased on Friday to have achieved sub-8 mins (7:57) for my #amileaday commitment and I am continuing to see the benefits of consistent exercise that is right for me and my work/life balance. I am not pressured by what anyone else is doing, I am doing what I feel my body needs and benefits from.

80/20 is the rule we should live by, if you eat well 80% of the time your body can cope with the 20% when perhaps things go a little bit awry and there are some days when the only thing to do on a wet and drizzly Tuesday morning is to meet up with good friends for a chat, have a bacon buttie and bucks fizz!!

Until next time…










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