Something or Nothing?


As I laid in my bed this morning, I listened to the howling wind and rain lashing against the window; I have to admit that I wasn’t overly enthralled about getting out there and running, but remembering the commitment to myself of running one mile every day, I got up and got out there!

Amazingly, it sounded much worse inside than it actually was outside, the rain was virtually non existent but it was still a touch blowy!

So, there it is – Day 52 done.

I had set no end date when I started this on 7th December 2015, but as I would advise my clients, set small achievable milestones along the way to help you achieve your end goal.

I guess I would be happy now if I manage 100 days of running, which will take me to Tuesday 15th March 2016 and then who knows after that??

As always though, my message is simple – SOMETHING is always better than NOTHING. Whatever your choice of exercise, make a commitment to yourself and reap the benefits both physically and mentally of moving regularly.

Have a great day.




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