“On waking, spend some moments becoming aware of your body, listening to the sounds around you and noticing what thoughts are in your mind”

As with last year, my message in 2016 will remain the same: ensuring self care and taking time out. I’m talking minutes not hour’s, therefore avoiding the “haven’t got time” excuse.

I’m 3 days in to meditating every morning and I noticed a big change in the dynamics of the house on Monday, which also happened to be the first day back at school so had the potential to be stressful. Following my mile run, and 6 minute yoga routine I managed 10 minutes of Headspace, this set the mood for everyone and consequently the children were ready 30 minutes early and even had time to watch the television!

The word is spreading and my clients are starting to notice the benefits as well:

“I joined the course due to reaching a place in my life where I was physically so weak after 3 babies, including 2 c-sections, and feeling massively stressed out by the demands of 3 small children.
Emma helped me begin to restore my core strength – my tummy gap closed up in 6 weeks!
I now know how important it is to take time out as a mother, it is not being selfish, I think it actually makes you a better mum!”

Try it; sign up for the FREE Headspace trial and I guarantee that you will feel better.

Have a great week.




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