Advent – Day 8


Are you drinking enough water? Ideally we should be drinking approximately 8 glass per day.

Your body is over 70% water, hence the need to ensure you are optimally hydrated.

If you are dehydrated every reaction within every cell will be impaired and will subsequently scupper fat loss and wellbeing efforts.

Aim to drink filtered water, this decreases the potential intake of false oestrogens that are found in our tap water. These false oestrogens weaken our immune system and disrupt the balance of our natural bodily rhythms.

Ideally drink from a non BPA, glass or stainless steel bottle. (BPA is found in some plastics and also acts as a false oestrogen).

If you find drinking water too bland why not add ½ lemon which will help to support your liver and a great way to start the day.

Top Tips

  • Treat yourself to a new bottle that you look forward to drinking out of
  • Fill the bottle and aim to finish it by the end of the day
  • Step by step process, gradually increase your intake
  • Keep a tally of what you drink
  • Don’t drink too close to bedtime

What will Day 9 reveal?

Watch this space….



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