Advent – Day 3


The topic of today’s blog is quite apt as I used the technique yesterday in a bid to calm myself down.

My beautiful reindeer model, which had only been in our home for 24 hours got on the wrong side of my son, daughter and an inflatable hammer, he subsequently lost an antler; as you can probably imagine I wasn’t best pleased. Luckily my husband was on hand with a tube of glue!!

Following on from Day 1, our lives are so frenetic now and we rush around constantly from one job to the next with barely time to breathe, well today your task is to STOP…. and do just that……breathe…….

“Between tasks today, rest for a moment and breathe for at least three complete breaths. This will refresh you and allow you to move smoothly on to your next job.”

You will be amazed by how much calmer you feel with just 3 deep breaths, I start all my FooFooFunClub classes with this to ensure everyone is relaxed and in the zone.Try it and let me know how you get on.

Have a great day.



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