Tomorrow is another day…


Today, I have mostly eaten rubbish!

There you go, it’s out there now for all to read..

My daughter has a friend around and so in honour of this occasion I bought in a few treats. Normally, as you would expect, we have a fairly healthy diet. Today, however, I am living proof that with Pringles once you pop you definitely cannot stop, damn those tubes!!

I can sit here and beat myself up about it or I can start afresh tomorrow:

  • Nutribullet smoothie for breakfast (spinach, broccoli, banana, avocado, seeds and oats)
  • Vegetable omelette with salad for lunch
  • Dinner – to be confirmed
  • Amazeballs for a snack
  • Plenty of water

I have the Nike Training app on my phone where you can download lots of great workouts, my favourites are the Core Strength Workout (7 minutes), Run Ready Yoga (6 minutes) and Circuit Breaker (12 minutes). I am a huge fan of short workouts and those who know me will know that I am always saying:

“Something is always better than nothing”

So, I will get up early and do one (if not two of these), who is going to join me?

My alternative Advent Calendar starts on 1st December, please follow if you like what you read.

Have a great week.






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