Post Holiday Reflection


When you return from a holiday, it’s great to have the memories, but don’t just daydream about when your next trip away will be. Be present in your daily life and enjoy the new perspective some time away can bring.

This totally resonates with me, having just returned from a lovely later summer camping weekend at I instantly relax when I amongst nature or by the sea, and here I could enjoy both. Waking up to beautiful sunshine and reading my book whilst looking across the English Channel – absolute bliss, as well as no TV or radio and minimal phone usage. How do I recreate this when I return to my busy life back in Maidstone though?

  • Get outside as much as possible, doesn’t have to be for hours at a time, but a few minutes outside is enough to re-charge your batteries.
  • Taking time to pause regularly throughout the day – become conscious of your breath and visualise it filling the whole of your body. A few moments of this awareness and you will feel lighter and lighter.
  • Enjoy family time together without the interruption of any devices, playing card/board games instead.

Now, of course the lifestyle was good while we were away (we walked 3 miles on Saturday to get to and from Walmer Castle), but perhaps the eating wasn’t as it should be, you must have a fry-up when camping don’t you – it’s in the rules and when you are by the sea fish and chips are a must?!?

Monday, though – all back to normal – porridge for breakfast (porridge oats, grated apple, seeds, cinnamon and hot water), mid morning juice and omelette for lunch.

Onwards and upwards.

Have a great week!



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