Juice Re-boot!


So, I’ve been feeling a bit “bleurgh” recently, lacking in energy and vitality.

Sleep hasn’t been great due to a pain in the neck, thankfully James at Southcote is working wonders with this: http://southcote.com/team/team_james_burgess.html, but that also hasn’t helped the situation as adequate sleep is vital for emotional, physical and psychological health.

Throughout this period I have been constantly thinking about what I would tell my clients who are feeling similar; but for various reasons I am only just getting around to finally putting those thoughts into action.

My day started yesterday with a juice (celery – great for removing toxins, broccoli, courgette, coriander – full of antioxidants, ginger – containing anti-inflammatory compounds and apple). At the sight of the fresh green liquid, I immediately know that it is providing my body with the goodness it is calling out for and I definitely felt less lethargic through the day (which is good as Thursday is my busiest day).

Next on my list is to get back to meditating again, I will update you on my progress next week.

Keep Healthy.




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