So, where will your footsteps be leading you this week?

I missed out on my morning run yesterday as I wasn’t feeling 100%, I thought it best to leave it today as well to ensure I am fully fit and recovered for the week ahead.

There is a phrase that I am always saying and that is “something is better than nothing”, so I put this into practice today when picking up my daughter from Brownies; I always walk rather than drive (it is only 3 minutes away), but today I decided to take the long walk around, try a walking meditation and listen to the birds singing. It was a pleasurable experience and burnt just a few more calories than if I took my normal route.

Why not try a walking meditation yourself?

“Today try a walking meditation in a park or garden. Walk extra slowly, synchronising your breathing with your steps, so with each step you take a breath in or out. This connects you with your body.”

Have a great week, and stay healthy!



One thought on “Footsteps….

  1. Nice 🙂

    Particularly apt as I am currently nearing the end of three days therapeutic use of mindfulness training 😄

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