Sun, friendship and exercise



Did you know that Post Natal Depression affects 10-15% of women and it is a recognised mental health condition?

Pregnant women and new mothers in a quarter of the UK still have no access to specialist mental health services. Source:

This is something that is very close to my heart as I was affected by it after the birth of my second child, Archie. With quick action from my health visitor, medication and counselling I was soon on my way to better health, I know others aren’t so lucky.

When I set up my Buggy Fitness class 11 years ago, I naively thought it was all about the exercise, but the years have taught me it is about so much more. Getting out in the fresh air and chatting amongst their peers are great mood boosters and can have a positive impact on mental health.

Have you or do you know anyone that has recently had a baby, I would love to meet them at my next course which starts in June – a great time of year to be outdoors?


Popping our Parkrun cherry!


Today, inspired by a client, we took part in our first Parkrun – all four of us!

Such a great feeling to get up early (ish) on a Saturday morning and exercise together as a family, of course it helped that the sun was shining and so nice to run along the river taking all the sights in.

Running with my daughter, it was never going to be about achieving a time but enjoying the companionship of running together in the great outdoors whilst improving our fitness at the same time, my son and husband were I’m sure experiencing the same 100 places ahead!

We are now looking forward to the next time that we can attend, and maybe thinking about improving our position and/or time.

On a similar note I am looking forward to the launch of my Post-Birth Running Group on 27th May. I am completely passionate about Women’s Health and Exercise and was delighted to be present on this topic at Woman on Fire last weekend.

Even if you were able to exercise regularly during your pregnancy, you do need to ease yourself back into a running routine gently. Don’t forget your body has just been through quite an ordeal-if you take on too much, too soon, you could end up hurting yourself.

So this new course is just for you, your friend or your loved one, but you/they will need to be +16 weeks to sign up. Please email me for more details.




London Marathon – 22nd April 2018


So after months of training through a chilly winter and where snow stopped play twice, myself and Laura found ourselves on the start line of the London Marathon with the temperature at 24.2 degrees (the hottest London Marathon on record)!

My aim was never about time, although the thought of crossing the line between 5-5.5 hours was often in my thoughts. The target was to get around with a friend, supporting each other, enjoying the atmosphere and finishing in one piece.

Whilst running the race, all I could think of was just putting one foot in front of the other and getting closer to that 26.2 mile marker, was I really “enjoying” it, I’m not convinced? Having said that, now a couple of days have passed and I have had a chance to reflect on the experience; in addition to that the comments I have received from my peers after the event has made me realise what an achievement it is. I can now look back on the experience of the day with a smile due to funny things I saw:

  • Someone offering support to a fellow competitor dressed in a rhino outfit because she thought he was suffering, when actually all he wanted was to be left alone and have a wee down a drain!!
  • Running alongside Teletubbies, Paddington, dinosaurs and gorillas to name but a few
  • A member of the public shouting our names in support and gyrating dressed in nothing more that a bikini

to the displays of human kindness.

  • People handing out sweets, salty snacks and water
  • The offer of sun cream for skin feeling the burn
  • Competitors offering words of encouragement to each other
  • The support from the thousands of people out on the streets

As I crossed the line, I did think never again, but by Tuesday I was already considering entering the ballot for next year, never say never!!

So far I have managed to raise nearly £1500 for Action Medical Research but if you would like to add to this total, my fundraising page is still open and you can access it by clicking here.

For the immediate future I want to train to improve my speed over 5k, what are you currently training for, are those goals achievable?




Is it time to divorce your phone?


I feel like I have written this blog before, but it is obviously an area that I need to improve on.

I am conscious that I spend too much time on my phone, when my time, which is precious and limited for all of us, could be better spent elsewhere, but it is a hard habit to kick!

Yesterday I met a friend and while the children played we talked about how we could stop being so reliant on our phones and just be a bit more present in life. When I came home I headed to google for help and found this:

…. which has inspired me to begin a digital detox, I have also downloaded the Space app which gently reminds you that perhaps you might want to put your phone down and do something else instead. It is quite scary how little amounts of time scrolling through various sites and apps etc add up to hours and generally what have you got to show for it, do you feel any better, more often than not, no?

So, watch this space and I will keep you updated on my progress….

Marathon Surprise!


Last year, alongside my sister and two friends, we completed the Oxfam Trailwalker, an amazing event and a massive achievement both mentally and physically. Initially I ended the event saying “never again” but by that evening I was already thinking “probably”!

It seems that I am a person that thrives on a challenge, whether that be through my work or personally. I have volunteered on the Mid Kent committee for Action Medical Research since 2015 and been involved in lots of events to raise vital funds for this fabulous charity. I have two very happy and healthy children, but realise others aren’t so lucky.

One evening, when scrolling Facebook, I noticed that my friend, Paula Ray (who works for Action Medical Research) was looking for people to run the London Marathon for them, I responded immediately (although somewhat tentatively) before I even had a chance to engage my brain with a “yes, I’ll do it”.

Having walked for just under 30 hours with no more than a 10 minute nap in that time, the thought of running for probably over 5 hours (I am a realistic plodder) sounded easy in comparison, plus I have completed the marathon twice before so I knew what to expect.

So, here we are, with just 23 days to go and one more long 19 mile training run ahead of me on Easter Sunday.

Why I have kept this quiet for so long, having signed up in October 2017?

  1. I wanted to just get on and do the training runs without any extra pressure.
  2. Having raised a lot of money last year as sponsorship for Trailwalker, I was nervous about starting that whole process again

It has been a great experience so far, I have been running with the lovely Laura, who is also taking part for Action and we have jogged along quite happily chatting about a whole host of topics. I have no desire to finish the marathon in a particular time, I just want to FINISH having enjoyed the experience from beginning to end and hopefully avoiding any injuries along the way.

If you do want to donate to this very worthwhile cause, ANYTHING will be very gratefully received:

Coffee break…

Coffee Cafe Mug Decorative Drink Beverage

After a very busy week, it is nice to sit in a coffee shop and take stock, even better that Paul of Mivvy Creative, who I am meeting, is running late.

Last Friday I ran 15 miles with a client who is training for the London Marathon in April, running is great thinking time for me. It ticks all the boxes:

  • getting fit
  • being outside in nature
  • and meeting friends

I am very excited to be launching my post-baby running group in May and feel there is real need for this type of class, many new mums aren’t aware that high impact activities should be avoided until at least 5-6 months (although this is highly individual and varies from person to person), the reason for this is due to the effects of relaxin still flowing around your body. Relaxin is a hormone that is released in early pregnancy to loosen your joints in preparation for labour a few months down the line, and it subsequently makes your joint quite unstable. If you begin running, attending HIT classes or jumping on the trampoline too soon you put yourself at risk of injury,  not to mention what it will do to your pelvic floor!!

My snowy cold weekend was spent in London on a pregnancy and post natal massage course. It was an amazing experience and pieced together some gaps in my knowledge. I was able to put my new skills into practice just two days later with a new mum who went away feeling “lighter and longer”.

There has also been a rush of enquiries  for Buggy Fitness, with just under a month to go there are already 10 people booked on to the next course, maybe they are wanting to burn off the excess Easter eggs or perhaps it is to catch a sight of Spring making an appearance.

It has been a “full on” week but so rewarding so for now I am looking forward to spending time with my family this weekend before it starts all over again….


Are you striving for progress?


The most rewarding part of my job is when people achieve their results, and sometimes because this is on such a gradual process, it is not always immediately obvious.

I have recently starting a new online offering, Holistic Core Restore®Athlete 12, a lady who had previously attended my Everywoman programme signed up, when we reviewed her initial screening form the progress that had been made was amazing:

“My core is a lot better”

“Not really had any issues with core or bladder, had some lower back problems with the nerves again but that was resolved after seeing my chiropractor. Had a few ‘nervous’ weeing issues when I was travelling on a long haul flight but that was just a psychological thing about using aeroplane toilets! Menstrual cramps are a lot better, mostly I can use a TENS machine to ease them if needed.”

“The anxiety issues are 95% better!”

“My weekly exercise has increased and my sleep is improved.”

“My back is now in great shape according to my chiropractor, just need the odd tweak now and then.”

I think most of us would be happy with just one of these comments as an improvement, but to gain all of them is a fabulous result and one that is definitely worth celebrating!

Are you striving for progress in your health and fitness goals?