Are you striving for progress?


The most rewarding part of my job is when people achieve their results, and sometimes because this is on such a gradual process, it is not always immediately obvious.

I have recently starting a new online offering, Holistic Core Restore®Athlete 12, a lady who had previously attended my Everywoman programme signed up, when we reviewed her initial screening form the progress that had been made was amazing:

“My core is a lot better”

“Not really had any issues with core or bladder, had some lower back problems with the nerves again but that was resolved after seeing my chiropractor. Had a few ‘nervous’ weeing issues when I was travelling on a long haul flight but that was just a psychological thing about using aeroplane toilets! Menstrual cramps are a lot better, mostly I can use a TENS machine to ease them if needed.”

“The anxiety issues are 95% better!”

“My weekly exercise has increased and my sleep is improved.”

“My back is now in great shape according to my chiropractor, just need the odd tweak now and then.”

I think most of us would be happy with just one of these comments as an improvement, but to gain all of them is a fabulous result and one that is definitely worth celebrating!

Are you striving for progress in your health and fitness goals?




It’s “snow” joke…


It’s been an interesting week….

  • School closed
  • Cancelled clients
  • Snow, snow and more snow

Everyone loves a snow day, or so it seems. Previous years I have always been disappointed when a wintry shower (or two) is forecast and even more so when it arrives!

Snow = clients cancelling = no money!

This year, I have had a slightly different attitude. I read a lovely phrase from Lorraine at The Healing Tree on Wednesday about being “alternatively productive”; it’s so easy to get caught up in what hasn’t gone to plan and then that becomes all-consuming.


Have a rethink, what CAN you do instead, which maybe you wouldn’t normally be able to do?

The car was housebound for two days, so we walked across to the park for some sledging action and also walked to our local Next to purchase a birthday present (and a cheeky Costa). This accumulated in over 19,000 steps on Wednesday and 15,000 plus on Tuesday.

Exercise is often something that many people apparently don’t have time for, so this was a great opportunity to tick that box AND have fun with the children at the same time. When we came home to thaw out, it enabled me to catch up with some planning and admin while the children played on their devices. Everyone’s a winner!

Come on Spring, show your face, let’s get rid of this Beast from The East!

Just keep moving….


As a family we spend a lot of time outdoors whether that be for walks, bike rides or visiting attractions. We had a fantastic day down at Betteshanger last week, if you haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it.

For me, being outside is a win-win situation; we get out in the fresh air which is not only great for physical well-being but also a massive plus for our mental health. It is also FREE or a minimal cost, in most cases!

There is a feeling of total freedom when outside in nature. On Sunday, Archie was at his happiest when biking through as many muddy puddles as possible and Gracie love the freedom of being on her bike, with the wind blowing through her hair.

Clients will often say that they don’t have time for exercise, but exercise doesn’t have to be going to a gym or taking part in an exercise class, the most important aspect is to just get moving and if you can instill this in your children at a young age, even better!

I love teaching my outdoor classes and am really lucky to have the beauty of Mote Park as the back drop, whatever the season there is always a view to be enjoyed!

Get your wellies out today and see what you can discover in your local area…


Time for a nap?


I have recently purchased a Fitbit Alta; as you would expect I generally achieve 10,000 steps most of the time (if not more), there are days however where I fall short, for example if I am in meetings or in the car for a longer journey.

What I have found most interesting though is the sleep tracker, I’m not entirely sure how accurate it is, but I think it is a good guide if nothing else and it has made me more aware of getting to bed on time, reducing screen time in the evenings  and looking at other ways to ensure the best night of sleep possible.

I placed my Neal’s Yard order on Friday evening and included Lavender Essential Oil and Night Time to this. I will add these to my current night-time routine of:

As a perimenopausal woman, it is important that I get all of these good habits into place now so I experience a smooth ride through the menopause in the years ahead. I will keep you updated with my sleep progress.

What areas of YOUR lifestyle are in need of improvement?

Spring around the corner…


As I look out the window whilst typing this I am greeted with a beautiful sunny day, it is however bitterly cold.

It brings me some hope though, that Spring is just around the corner; during Buggy Fitness this week I was aware of the birds singing and there are signs of life from the trees reminding me of warmer, brighter days to come.

As we approach March everything becomes a little bit easier. On cold, winter nights it is hard to find the motivation to get up and get out to do some exercise, it is too cosy inside, snuggled up on the sofa. With the arrival of lighter evenings though, the days obviously become longer and therefore there so many more reasons to just get out and move more!

Maybe your new year resolutions are a long, distant memory, but don’t look back or worry about what you haven’t achieved, keep your focus forward and set new health goals for the second quarter of the year. Can you get a friend to join you, it is always easier when you have support?

Good luck and please share your goals and successes with me?


A nourishing new year…..


I love this article from mind body green and it is along the same lines as I like to approach the new year:

  1. January is not a time for dieting and restricting, it is a time of ensuring good nutrition to hopefully keep the coughs and colds away. Make your dinner plates interesting, add some colour, try something new!
  2. What exercise best suits your body and mind? Don’t follow the crowd with bootcamps and running, find your flow. Have you got a strong core? Build a good foundation and then increase from there.
  3. I can’t wait for darkness to arrive in the Winter months, it means I can close the curtains, light the tea-lights and my oil burner (with a nice essential oil aroma filling the home). Cuddle up on the sofa with a warm drink and a good book.
  4. At the end of each day I journal on 3 things I am grateful for as well writing my long term vision, intention for tomorrow and progress made today.
  5. We have been lucky enough to build an extension, which was completed at the end of 2017, our home is much more welcoming now and I love to fill it with people and share good times.
  6. Nature – anyone who follows my blogs regularly will know I am a nature nut, I am at my happiest when out in the fresh air with people I love. No excuses, wrap up warm and get outside.
  7. Each day I try to ensure that I allow myself “time out” whether that be reading or meditation. As Eleanor Brownn says: “Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.” 

Have a great week and watch this space for details of a one-day retreat on 3rd March at Southcote Proactive Healthcare.

New Year – time for YOU….

champagne-glasses-162803__340You can’t go far this time of year without seeing some mention of the New Year Resolution – weight loss, get fit, create a budget, stop smoking – I could go on.

There is no doubt that after some fairly heavy eating and spending over the Christmas period as well a multitude of social activities, January is a great time to get focussed on a new set of goals. Invariably though we hear of these being broken before we even enter February and then the inevitable feeling of failure follows. Not the best start to a new year.

Do you know what?

There are actually twelve months in a year, which of course you know, and subsequently if you want to make a positive change in your life it can be started in any one of these months. Don’t feel that because everyone else is on the resolution treadmill that you have to join them. Start when the time is right for you and follow the path that is right for you if you do this you are more likely to achieve your goals.

Good luck and I truly hope you achieve everything that you want to in 2018, and if I can help please get in touch!!

Until next time.