New Goals..

she believed she could

I am listening to a great book on Audible at the moment; The Answer by Allan and Barbara Pease. Although I am currently only a couple of Chapters in, the book aims to teach you how to:

  • Set and action clearly defined goals
  • Overcome obstacles, despite what others think, do or say
  • Take responsibility for your life circumstances
  • Apply the art of visualisation and the power of affirmation
  • Deal with stress, fear and worry
  • Never give up.

I have already starting writing my list of goals, which are both personal and business related and it is timely that I have started this book, as over the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about the fitness related goals that I want to achieve. Perhaps you may some suggestions for me? I have a few ideas going around in my head but nothing fixed as yet, so I am open to ideas.

Exercise has taken a bit of a back seat recently as I have been using the early mornings (when I usually exercise) for business planning to then enable me to enjoy the rest of the day with my children, but then to compensate for this we have been out for walks or bike rides in the evenings instead. It has not been a totally exercise-free zone but just not with the same focus as I would usually like.

What are you exercise goals for the next few months? I’d love to hear and perhaps I can help you achieve them..





Keep calm and carry on !


We are just one week in to the school holidays and already it has been fairly challenging. Lots of juggling required as I am trying to keep the balance of spending time together as a family but also working hard behind the scenes for the launch of Reviva in September. Planning, as always is definitely the key to success!

What are your top tips for coming out the other side with no additional grey hairs?

This week I will the complete a 7-day streak on Headspace, but I am also really looking forward to Relax and Release on Friday where I (alongside the other participants) will have the opportunity to stretch out and chill out. A perfect way to ease into the week-end as well as preparing for the week ahead.

Have you managed to keep moving and increase your activity levels this week? I will be sharing lot of tips here to ensure your motivation stays high. I haven’t exercised as much as I have hoped, but the heat as been a contributing factor to that. Hopefully things will cool down a bit next week and I can get back on track again.

Have a great week.

Stay in shape for the Summer!


If you are like me, a Mum of school aged children, you will know that the Summer holidays are now upon us and therefore bring on 6 weeks of madness!!

You are probably breathing a sigh of relief of not having to get out of the door where you may well have asked the following questions 100 hundred times:

  1. Have you cleaned your teeth?
  2. Can you put some socks on please?
  3. Where are your school shoes?
  4. Have you got PE today,  do you need your PE kit?
  5. Can you turn your Kindle/Phone off please?
  6. Have you got your water bottle and packed lunch?
  7. When is your homework due in?

I’m sure you can add plenty more….

It is great to lose some of the routine and chill out, although the problem that comes with this is that exercise may take a bit of back seat.

This is true to a certain extent, as you may not be able to get to your normal exercise class or gym session, but it just means you need to a bit more creative as to how you can keep up your fitness during the summer holidays!

I will be sharing lots of ideas in my Facebook group over the coming weeks so why not join us and head into September fit, strong and healthy!



Fail to plan, plan to fail!

progress not perfection

In last week’s blog I mentioned that I  had printed off  a timetable to plan my week and ensure that every moment of the day was used to its optimum. One week in I am happy to share that, in the main, it has been a success.

I identified times of the day that were more conducive to studying (a peaceful home) and times when my family were all home that I could get tasks done that required less brain power and concentration!

Although, for me this wasn’t about exercise it was about business planning and development, it is something that I am always encouraging my clients to do. Taking the time on a Sunday evening to look at the week ahead, where are there opportunities for exercise or maybe cooking some healthy snacks or batch cooking? The chances of success are much more likely when written down in black and white, even better put the planner somewhere visible for the whole family to see and encourage you on your journey.

On the subject of journeys, I am happy to report that my new programme Reviva is starting to take shape and on target for launch on September 10th. Keep watching this space for more details….

Time to sign off now as ironically I failed to plan and only have 8% battery remaining on my laptop!! Progress not perfection.

Wind beneath my wings…

progress not perfection

I spent the day in London yesterday on a course, I always come away from events like this with a renewed focus and drive to achieve my goals, so much so that today I got up early and wrote a timetable planner for the week!

It was a hot day, which can often make it difficult to concentrate but a salmon salad lunch similar to this ensured my brain was fully alert all afternoon.

Today, was a day full of activity; swimming in the morning and then a bike ride at Cyclopark this afternoon. I was lucky to enjoy a few moments to myself at one point during the afternoon, while the children were playing in the park and my husband was “dozing” at a picnic table. I took the opportunity to ride around the road circuit and felt such an amazing sense of freedom, particularly as I was freewheeling down a hill with the wind rushing through my…..

……cycle helmet!!

Perhaps it is time for you to pump up your bike tyres and take a view of the world from two wheels, you will be amazed at what you will discover.

Break Rest View Bank Sit Woman Girl Mounta



A little bit of Zen!


Today I missed my “normal” Sunday routine.

For the past three weeks I have been getting up early to go to David Lloyd, having a quick 20-30 minute workout in the gym, followed by a couple of hours in the lounge with something hot (maybe a coffee) and a focus on business planning.

However, last weekend when looking forward to the week ahead, we realised that neither of us were working the following weekend, the kids had no clubs or parties…. AND the weather was looking promising!

So, at 7:30am this morning I was drafting this blog in a field in Essex! This is the first time we have ever been away in Louis (our trusty camper-van) spontaneously and I hope that it is something that will be repeated.

Beautiful blue sky, fields all around, birds singing, church bells ringing, the sound of a tractor in the distance (reminiscent of my childhood). We even saw an owl as we sat out late last night!

20180630_155015 20180630_165120

Even though it was a change of routine, it has still given me time and space to think about my new offering which now thanks to Paul of Mivvy Creative has two potential names:

Reviva – getting back to you

Dinamo  – energize amongst friends

Ultimately when people sign up they will have “The Big Picture” of what they want to achieve but weekly the focus will be on two or three “snapshots”. The goal will always be on PROGRESS not PERFECTION, always looking forward and ALWAYS focusing on the positives.

For me, this little trip away has been a tick in the work/life balance box, next week I will be focusing on ensuring that my nutrition is as close to nature intended as possible.

Have a great week.

Emma xx

Fit, strong and happy!!

Mum and Gracie photo

We (myself and my sister) lost our Mum on 26th June 2008, I felt that this 10 year anniversary couldn’t pass without a mention to how she shaped us into the people we became or perhaps have both yet to discover. Mum had an amazing work ethic, which we both inherited and I know this has placed a massive part in growing my business from where it was in 2007; one buggy class and a handful of  personal training clients to now where the focus is purely focused on women’s health, which is such a rewarding area to work in. If only she were here to see this now.

She had a STRONG sense of community, maybe this was living in the beautiful Rolvenden/Rolvenden Layne all of her life. It hadn’t occurred to me until this morning but I guess that is why I want there to be a real group focus with my “35+ thing with no name” which is launching in September. I know much more can achieved when you have the support of your peers. When motivation is low, there are friends there to pick you up, hold your hand and encourage you back on the “healthy path”.

When Mum died, Emma Fitness wasn’t even an acorn and there is still a way to go before it becomes a mighty oak, but it is in my vision as is the belief that the women I work with are fit, strong and happy. The idea of progress not perfection should never be far from their thoughts.

Tree Oak Landscape View Field Scenic Count

What steps have you made to improving your health and well-being this week?